How to travel Belfast City with paper map

An amazing city filled with artistic character, history and culture pumping through the streets of Belfast City. You have found yourself in Belfast, with a map. A paper-map, have you lost a bet? Is there no mobile phone (cell-phone) to give you digital directions to your location?

None the less. Belfast is a straightforward city that you shouldn’t have a hard time navigating if the time comes and you are required to take out the paper and have a stab at it! – Not literally….

Belfast City Hall – this should be your centre point of the city especially if you have arrived into the city by the likes of train, bus or taxi. The City Hall is directly in the middle of everything and everywhere that you may need to go. The Belfast Welcome Centre, restaurants and plenty of shopping opportunities lay around this area of the city. Donegal Square as far as I remember!

Within your map you will see the different road names, some may be highlighted depending on the map in your possession. You can also hold onto the map if going on any tours and asking the driver where abouts you are / where you are heading. This gives you the sense of direction and also the ability to look forward, plan or guess which stops are coming up next!

The Belfast City Mural Tour is world famous, it takes in our opinion, Belfast’s most interesting route giving a rare insight to the dark truth that holds and some say rules Belfast City!

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