Dunluce Castle

Dunluce Castle - North Antrim Coast

On the journey of your Giants Causeway & North Antrim Coast Tour there will be various stops, Dunluce Castle is one of the stops included. The castle that dates back as early as the 1500's when the castle was seized by the MacDonnell clan. It was then passed over to the earls of Count Antrim in mid 1600's where it was used to plan and establish the small town of Dunluce. The history of Dunluce is matched by some dramatic tales, there goes a story that the kitchens of Dunluce Castle were destroyed by a Banshee and later that night its kitchens fell into the ocean due to the storm.

To this day there is good access into Dunluce, the ruins have been well preserved tor the public to take a walk round and experience for themselves. It has become a popular destination on our tours and a popular tourist destination world wide. The stop over on our tour lasts roughly 30/40 minutes which tourists have found is more than enough time to get around the whole castle, take photographs and get back to their vehicle.