Belfast City Mural Tour 

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  • The International Wall - Showing the cultural shift in art from political hatred to International messages of peace and soverignty. 
  • The Falls/Shankill Road - Home to some of the cities most historic wall art, with chilling messages behind the art. 
  • Peacewall -  Runs for approximately 5km separating the Falls Road and Shankill Road of West Belfast has seen houses on both sides being rebuilt from the end of the troubles in the late 1990’s. Tourists will have the opportunity to sign and read the messages left on the wall before them
  • Feel and touch real artefacts that were used during the troubles, relive the history of what went on between 1969-1998.

Our Belfast Mural Tour is conducted in Executive Mercedes Vehicles to give you the best possible experience! Belfast City was one of the most divided cities in Europe from 1969 through to the 2000's, with small changes in society there has been more inclusion from both sides of the wall and a cultural shift to a more relaxed view on the politics that once governed the streets. The Belfast City Mural Tour will bring you back in time to 1969 where you will be shown the different areas throughout the city where the events unfolded. The tour lasting approximately 90 minutes will see you cover both sides of the wall, the Nationalist Falls Road alongside the Unionist Shankill Road. The art on the walls joined with the stories provided by your guide will leave you on a cliffside. The experience is sought after and is why the Belfast City Mural Tour, is famous all around the world. 

Belfast - Belfast, UK
  • You meet your guide at the purposed pickup location - your hotel, B&B, airport, port etc...
  • You begin your tour by entering the Nationalist and Unionist housing estates where you see the first murals. 
  • Your guide will set the scene, tell you the stories corresponding to the murals on the wall and allow you time to take pictures and ask questiosn. 
  • On your travels through the Shankill Road estate you will also drive by the Crumlin Road Courthouse/Gaol - famous for most incarcerations throughout the troubles.
  • While travelling through the Falls Road you will also have the opportunity to see the memorial gardens located within Bombay Street.
  • We offer Belfast City Centre Pickup
  • We offer hotel pickup in Belfast City
  • Pickup available via Belfast Port
  • Pickup available via Belfast Airports.
  • We offer Belfast City Centre dropoff
  • We offer hotel dropoff in Belfast City
  • Dropoff available via Belfast Port
  • Dropoff available via Belfast Airports.
  • There is no extras you need to bring whilst completing this tour.
  • The tour to be conducted in a highly professional but light-hearted guide.
  • Your tour to be comfortable, conducted in an executive style Mercedes vehicle. 
  • A balanced account of the history the troubles Belfast to this present day.
  • Opportunities to ask your guide questions on the locations visited.